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Recent roles


The Secret History Of, Principle Actor, Herd of 1 Media

Yard Sale, Actor|Producer|Writer, Machaggis Productions

Pocket Full of Nuts, Lead|Co-producer, Porkchopz Productions

Garry MacLean has been acting since 2011. Starting out as a background actor he has worked diligently to learn as much as he can to improve his craft. The hard work paid off in short order landing a dual role in the stage play A Tannenbaum Tale in the fall of 2012. From there Garry landed his first film speaking role on the TV series Go Fish in the same year. Fast forward to 2016 when Garry landed a role in 2 episodes of the SyFy channels Wynonna Earp during season 1. It doesn't end there, Garry's most recent lead role in the short film Pocket Full of Nuts has currently won 4 separate festival awards in the film noir category.

Acting is not where Garry's skills end. He has delved into writing, producing and directing. Divine Intervention was Garry's first solo writing and producing project. He quickly followed up co-producing the short horror film Ripples. His directorial debut was the short comedy Sex Therapy, also written by Garry. Garry's newest project is a short horror film entitled Yard Sale, currently running the festival circuit with plans to produce a feature length version of the film!

It doesn't end there though! Garry is also producing and hosting his own talk show titled Talent Talk. The show interviews up and coming talents in all areas of the arts and media field.

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